Global Market Investment and Technology is a global venture capital firm investing in different projects around the world.

Global Brand, Global Reach

We believe in global talent and ideas to improve the world. We look for globally minded founders that are changing the world we live in.

Entrepreneurship everywhere

We look for the most innovative ideas to improve the way people live, communicate and work

"Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere." - Mr Ego.

Consulting and experience

In addition to financing and investment, we deliver several aggregate values, including a framework where there are consultants, experts, advice and a lot of experience. This in order to mitigate the risk of failure in entrepreneurship projects.

We Invest in TechnologyBe early. Be insightful. Drive to consensus.

Software and Cloud Services

The business ecosystem has been transformed with the implementation of CLOUD technologies, either Private, Public or a mixture of both (Hybrid), which is why the ideas that propose improvements in the use of these components and the delivery of valued services using CLOUD technologies are very important within our investment portfolio.


Security is a cornerstone in any solution today, the proposals for innovation in security, cryptography, hash, blockchain, and others are increasingly important and we are very interested in receiving proposals for entrepreneurship in this type of technology.

Agro 4.0 / IoT

From GMIT's perspective, automation, management, transparency, measurement and connectivity are the future of all processes in all fields, the implementation of sensors, bigdata, and the Internet of Things, are here to stay, improving every day the different flows of activities and optimizing computing, human and natural resources


Blockchain technologies have been able to demonstrate the reliability, security and transparency with which you can count on implementing services around the creation of public blocks with information that is impossible to change and in consensus with thousands of participants in a matter of seconds. These qualities make blockchain a very important tool in promoting new ventures in the legal, financial, documentary, governments and many other fields.

Investment TeamWork team dedicated to getting the best ideas to invest.


Gonzalo Araújo C

SaaS & Enterprise, Finance and Payments, “Intelligent Software”, Consumer Palo Alto
CMO / Founder, GreenGoldCoin

Mauricio Villasmil

SaaS & Enterprise, Finance and Payments, “Intelligent Software”, Consumer
Director of Customer Engineering Latam, NOKIA

Hermann Ballesteros

SaaS & Enterprise, Finance and Payments, “Intelligent Software”, Consumer Palo Alto

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